Dr. Louis Williams

UH SNPhA Faculty Advisor

Email: phar26@Central.UH.EDU

Greetings fellow SNPhA members. Welcome to another year. You have had a very outstanding pass year in fostering you mission of planning, organizing, coordinating and executing your programs focused on improving the health and educational environment of the underserved minority communities. All of this has provided opportunities for professional growth.  You have given much attention to your initiatives in areas like chronic kidney disease, diabetes, HIV, stroke and hypertension. You have successfully promoted and had the national organization to accept your resolutions on issues affecting the profession and continued your representation through your appointments and elections to national office. I applaud the fact that the national president is a member of our chapter. This maintains our place as one of the leading chapters in the country. It is said that “to whom is given, much is expected”. It is expected that we continue our efforts to be the best at what we do. So as we open our arms and welcome new members to our fold, our job is to continue our maximum efforts to maintain a high degree of excellence. This is our challenge for the new year! Good luck to us all!