Oncology Seminar

On April 29, UH SNPhA’s Cancer Initiative was able to collaborate with UH SSHP to host their second Oncology Seminar. During this seminar, Dr. Onye Ononogbu, a hematology/oncology pharmacist from Harris Health was able to share her journey with SNPhA from pre-pharmacy to post-graduate and talk about how she became involved in the oncology field. Dr. Telyssa Anderson spoke about how to obtain an oncology residency, gave advice on obtaining a specialty clinical pharmacy position, and her experience working at MD Anderson. Finally, Dr. Meghna Trivedi, current faculty at UHCOP spoke on her cancer research, where she thinks the future of oncology research is going, and how to get involved in research as a pharmacy student. Students also played a Kahoot trivia game to test their knowledge about the cancer disease state and chemotherapy. SNPhA is excited to continue to hold these seminars in the future! #UHSNPhA #StrengthInPurpose #TransformTheNorm #Region4AccomplishingMore

Hung Nguyen