April Updates

Our chapter has been busy this month as our members have worked to make a difference in our community. Here are some of the events we have taken part in throughout the month of April.

Harbach-Ripley Neighborhood Centers Health Fair

On April 8th, our members took part in the Harback-Ripley Neighborhood Centers Health Fair. During the event chronic kidney disease education, blood pressure tests, and blood glucose screenings were provided.

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Whidby Elementary

Our Operation Immunization and Power to End Stroke initiatives took a visit to Whidby Elementary where they meet with students enrolled in an after school program. During this event our chairs educated the students on immunizations and stroke.

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HAWC Health Fair

On April 8th our Community Outreach initiative organized the HAWC Health Fair. During this event, our members provided blood pressure tests, blood glucose tests, and mental health education.

Kidney Health Educator Certification

On April 13th, our Chronic Kidney Disease Chairs organized a kidney educator certification session using the American Kidney Fund online course. During the session, our chairs also gave students an overview on how the American Kidney Fund was started and experiences they had with patients at health fairs.

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Omega House

On April 14, our Remember the Ribbon co-chair and the future co-chair for next year assisted Omega House hospice in completing general housekeeping, providing basic patient care, and providing company for mostly HIV positive patients.

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Sharpstown Health Fair

On April 15, our Diabetes and Operation Immunization initiatives took part in the Sharpstown Health Fair. During this event, our initiatives provided immunization education, diabetes education, and blood glucose tests.

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DIC Pearland Health Fair

On April 15, some of our member attended the DIC Pearland Health Fair. At this health fair, our members provided blood glucose tests, flu vaccination education, and were trained to perform eye exams.

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