What's in May?

National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

May 18 is National HIV Vaccine Awareness Day. Although there is no vaccine against HIV yet, research is currently underway to bring one to the market. Help SNPhA raise awareness for this important endeavor for underserved communities around the country. ‪#‎SNPhARTR‬ ‪#‎SNPhAGOALS‬ ‪#‎HIVVaccineAwareness‬

New Scholarship Alert!

The "Walgreens Diversity Advancement Award" application is now available on the SNPhA website. You can receive one of FIVE - $3,000 scholarship awards from our wonderful sponsors at Walgreens! Walgreens would like to know, "How have you excelled in the mission of diversity?" More details on the SNPhA website!

Postmark deadline: May 31, 2016.

For further questions, please contact National President, Jessie Nia Hwang (JessieHwang@snpha.org). Apply TODAY!



Red Steps Challenge

The American Heart Association is calling on people to take six million "red steps" in recognition of the nearly six million Americans living today with Heart Failure. The "Red Steps Challenge" aims to inspire Americans to take small heart-healthy steps, in their favorite pair of red socks, towards a better life and increase awareness about this disease.

All you have to do to participate is take a photo in your favorite pair of red socks and upload it to social media with hashtags! To see the complete rules, please see the attached document. The challenge will last until May 30!