PTES volunteers at Houston Food Bank

PTES volunteers at Houston Food Bank and participates in the YMCA kid cafe program

PTES volunteered at the Houston Food Bank, in the Keegan's Kitchen which makes many meals for kids throughout Houston. The meals produced from Keegan's Kitchen goes to participating Kid's Cafe locations, which include elementary schools, community centers, and local YMCAs. Two of the PTES members were involved with cutting produce. They were combined with another group of volunteers, and the goal was to finish cutting up watermelon and cucumbers that was supposed to equate to 600 pounds of watermelon and 700 pounds of cucumbers before the end of the day. This task was split amongst 3 different shifts with different volunteer groups, and SNPhA members signed up for the afternoon shift. It was an interesting and new experience. Afterwards, the PTES members went to Weekley YMCA, which is a participant of the Kid's Cafe program. They spoke to the kids about what stroke is and the risk factors. They called up volunteers to demonstrate the BE FAST symptoms to help the other students identify stroke when they see it. The students were very engaged and asked many questions. Afterwards, we handed to them cards and pamphlets so that they can keep and distribute it to their parents.

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65E48381-6BB3-4124-A06E-09039BF81169 (1)